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Man forces wife to sleep with his father and doctor for heir

A horrifying incident in which a 25-year-old woman was alleged that to get an heir, her father-in-law attempted to rape her and he and her husband also pressurized her to have intercourse with a doctor named Anil Yadav to conceive a child. The woman alleged that her husband, Nikesh Giri of Virar, Mumbai was physically unfit to have sexual intercourse with her.

According to the victim, the woman was married to Giri in March 2016. “On the first night, her husband told her that her parents have not given dowry according to their demands and also that he will not be able have sexual intercourse with her,” said ACP (woman cell) Panna Momaya.

The woman, who seemed to be in trauma, ACP Momaya said that the same night Dr Yadav rushed into the room after she declined to have intercourse with him, both her husband and the doctor pushed her out in the open verandah compelling her to spend the night out of the house.

The woman explained how Giri used to touch her, but could not have sexual intercourse with her. “The husband would then go out of the room and send doctor Yadav into her room. However the woman never agreed to have intercourse with the doctor,” said a police official.

Police officials said the complaint also alleges that the woman’s father in law, Pannalal Giri, in inebriated condition, would come to her room in shorts and sleep beside her. “He used to forcibly touch her private parts and pressurize her to have sexual intercourse with him. However the woman would rush out of the room to save herself,” a police source said.

Tired of the harassment, the woman informed her parents about six months ago about the trauma she was being subjected to by her in-laws including her mother-in-law Kalavati and sister-in-law Mona. “When the woman’s father rushed to Mumbai, he was driven out of the house along with her,” said ACP Momaya, adding, “On October 17, 2017, the woman’s in-laws came to her father’s house and threatened them with dire consequence if the woman didn’t sign divorce papers.”

ACP Momaya said the accused have been summoned for questioning.

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