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Man Escaping From 19th Floor to avoid paying hotel bill

What happens when you see a man dangling in the air, while he is stuck to the aerial wires? It can make one think that he is hallucinating or seeing something straight from a dream or movie! A Chinese guy decided he’d pull a runner so he could enjoy the luxuries of his hotel room and still have a fat wallet.

This incident happened in China when a man tried to escape from the 19th floor of a renowned hotel. The reason he did this was to avoid paying the hotel bills!

Apparently, the man hanging from 19 floors above the ground is yet to be identified, as sources did not reveal his name. However, he was rescued by the fire department and was taken away after on-lookers raised an alarm. The man was lucky enough to have survived while being stuck there, as there were many live wires around and he could have been burnt to death if he had come in touch with any!

The video shows the man dangling from a telephone wire high-up, outside his hotel, and it has gone viral, as one can see the man trying to escape from one building to another. Here is the video:

Is he a daredevil man or a psycho? Do share your thoughts on the same.

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