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Lit the goodness of Diwali


Diwali , the festival of light, is an auspicious occasion to celebrate the victorious fete over darkness. But with changing times, it also raises new complications.The exorbitant amount of firecrackers used during the festival also brings in pollution issues. Bursting of crackers not only frightens the innocuous pets at homes and disturbs the aged, it also emits harmful and hazardous gases which also affects the human body. Diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases,lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases can be triggered by the rising level of air pollution.It can also affect pregnant women and newborn babies. The resultant noise pollution can also spiked ischemic heart diseases and hearing impairment.


Going earthy is a great way to usher in the festival of goodness.Instead of  using numerous bulbs which consumes exorbitant electricity, handmade oil diyas is a traditional and cost effective way to decorate for the festival of lights. Not only are the clay made diyas bio-degradable, it also beautifies the occasion. Diwalis also is a special time where gifts are exchanged.It is an appropriate and thoughtful gesture if one would give their loved ones kitchen garden essentials such as chives and culantro seeds which can be grown easily on the balcony in the urban spaces. These greens will not only purify the air around but will also help provide oxygen.

This festival also sees many eager people cleaning and whitewashing their homes.A cost effective and bio-degradable approach is to decorate the rangoli with rice grains,rice paste and colourful pulses instead of the harmful and expensive powders. Flowers such as roses and marigold and green and red leaves can also be used to adorn the rangolis.

Another important aspect of this festival is the food culture.It is essential to take care of one’s health during the festive season as one tends to gorge on food that are delicious to the tastebuds but are extremely unhealthy.Oodles of sugary desserts, ladened with calories are used during the making of sweets for Diwali. Chickpeas flour, semolina and black rice along with jaggery and honey as sweeteners is recommended.Black rice pudding aren’t only classy to look at but is highly nutritious.It is not only a good source of antioxidants but anthocyanin too which aids as anti-inflammatory,anti-viral and helps in preventing cancer.


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