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Lionel Messi’s tears during farewell worths in million: Know How

Just as the former Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar is worshiped like a god in cricket, in the world of football, Argentina’s legendary footballer Leon Messi is considered like a god by his fans. Not only this, fans are also desperate to get everything they want. Whether something related to them is found by money or fortunately it is found for free.

In this episode, the cost of the world’s richest football player Leon Messi’s tears has reached crores. Yes, this is true and there is a reason behind this as well why Messi’s tears cost so much. In fact, the tissue paper containing Messi’s tears also contains his genetics. This will help people to clone the football player. Its price is being said to be around Rs 7.43 crore.

When Messi, who grew up in Spanish club Barcelona for 21 years, recently said goodbye to this club, he could not control his emotions and tears started pouring from his eyes. During this, his wife Antonella had given a tissue paper to wipe the moist eyes, which is now being sold and the cost of this tissue paper has now reached about Rs. There may be an increase in this price as well.

Let us tell you, Leon Messi is going to get about 35 million euros (about four billion rupees) every year from Paris Saint-Germain ie PSG. Messi has become the biggest player available for a club in football history after Barcelona’s contract expires. PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino has been in touch with Messi after parting ways with Barcelona. However, the salary received by PSG is less than the salary from Barcelona.

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