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Lavish lifestyle with gym and swimming pool in this Saudi Arabia jail for hardcore prisoners

Rusty bars with poorly ventilated rooms with shabby conditions of cells and accommodation of mostly 3-4 inmates, badly treated by the authorities, below par living conditions with minimum amenities, that’s what define the Indian prison cells and the first thing that strikes your mind when you think about a prison cell in India.

And that’s what the condition of most of the prison cells in India is. But the things are something different in Saudi, South Arabia, where prisoners are put in the cells which would give shame even to a 5-star hotel of any country.

In this cell, the prisoners are given a lavish lifestyle, a saying, life at king size, is said to be true.

Well, take a look at the pictures and believe at your own eyes.

1. Al-Ha’ir Prison is located 25 miles south of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Almost 1,100 high-security prisoners, all of them jailed on terrorism-related charges are serving imprisonment there.

2. Each of the 38 private cells has a fridge, shower, television and a king size bed.

3. Prison also has a marital-meeting space where prisoners are allowed to spend three to five private hours with their wives at least once a month.

4. Prisoners have access to a swimming pool, indoor soccer field, gym etc

5. Prisoners get all types of medical care including art therapy and psychological.

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