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No Fear No Favour

Ladies and gentleman, say bye-bye to condom. Here’s a contraceptive gel for men!

Forgot to buy condom! Don’t like using it? It kills the vibe! And sometimes the moment goes away while you put it on. There are plenty of reasons for not wearing a condom which we barely talk about because there’s no alternate for safe sex. Yes! contraceptive pills, but we all know how harmful it is since it is always the last resort. But no not anymore!

The gel is still in the trial and when it was tested the last time in 2012 the success rate was 90%. No you don’t rub the gel on your testicles or neither you use it as lube. You rub it on your shoulder and let your skin absorb it and reach the bloodstream to use synthetic hormone and progestin to block the testicles from making enough testosterone.

This would the best option for safe sex. What do you think?

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