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Know why open AI tool ‘Q*’ is dangerous for human beings.

The world first came to know the name of OpenAI when it launched ChatGPT last year and now OpenAI is once again on people's lips. This time the reason is not about the company's achievements, but about the removal and subsequent return of its CEO Sam Altman. Along with Sam's return comes another news that has made the world wonder whether something like this is really going on in OpenAI. OpenAI's new project has come into controversy even before its launch. The name of this project is Q*. Let us try to understand what is the Q* project which is being said to be a threat to humans.
The name of OpenAI's new project is Q* (Q Star) which is a new AI discovery. Work on this project has been going on for a long time, but no one was aware of it. Recently, after Sam Altman was fired from the company, social agency Reuters received an e-mail from which information about this project was received.
At present very little information is available about the Q* project. According to the available information, it is an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) tool. Regarding this, Sam Altman had said earlier this year that AGIs are smarter than humans.
At that time, Sam had not given any information about its shortcomings, but AGI is being said to be very dangerous for humanity and humans. According to the report, Project Q* could be a threat to humanity in the same way we have seen in the Terminator movies. The new tool has solved mathematics problems very accurately and fast.
Generative AI relies on mathematical models and is broadly a subset of machine learning. At present, Generative AI is being used most in writing. Be it e-mail or Gmail, it is being used everywhere. Generative AI suggests next words based on what you type.

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