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Know how Taimur celebrated team India’s victory

In the world of many sports, the sport that takes away the heart of an individual, living in India, is termed as ‘cricket’. As far as cricket is concerned, when there is a match between India and Pakistan, then that match is not a simple match, but it simply becomes an emotion which induces a sense of competition and war against Pakistan.

Recently, The match between India and Pakistan came to an end with India’s victory over Pakistan by 89 runs. India gave the target of 336 runs to Pakistan, and eventually, Pakistan was not even able to touch the target. Even the harsh weather condition of rain, could not prevent India from winning.

Many celebrities, came forward to appreciate the Indian team for their commendable victory in the match, but our cute Nawabzada “Taimur” had an amazingly peculiar way to celebrate the victory. Taimur Ali Khan(Son of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan), wore the blue Indian Jersey and gave a salute to the Indian cricket team, to embrace the victory of the Indian cricket team in a complete indomitable way. The admirable photo of our sensational star kid is getting viral, all over the world of social media, hence it can be clearly seen that our victory is so powerful and outstanding, that even a kid could not resist himself to show the excitement of his celebration, in an “out of the box” way.

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