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Do you know your child is addicted to blue whale game?

A class 10th boy was rescued in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh district after he wrote on his answer sheet during an examination that he had reached the last level of Blue Whale Challenge, a lethal online game that has already claimed over a dozen lives in India and many more across the world and he was being encouraged to commit suicide.

This young boy from Raigarh, Madhya Pradesh, became terrified of the final task of committing suicide so he revealed his distress in his answer-sheet. According to the Amid reports, he was trapped completely in the game and was being warned that his parents would be killed if he failed to finish the game.

“I am trapped in the game which I have been playing for the last two months. I am now in the final stage and they are telling me to commit suicide otherwise they will kill my parents,” the young boy wrote in his answer sheet.

An alarmed Sanskrit teacher, Hemlata Sringi, checking the answer-sheet brought the matter to the notice of the school and the local administration, after which counselling of the child was being done.

The case was further investigated by Praveen Prajapati of Khilchipur, Sub-Divisional Magistrate who later said, “The boy is still in a state of shock but was counselled along with his parents with the help of trained counsellors from the women and child welfare department.

It has also issued that an advisory and police teams across are working with schools to counsel teenagers and wean them away from the online game.

By: Aviral Nigam

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