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Knitting patterned pajamas to warm the freezing elephants

As the harsh unforgiving winter is inching, these women crochet sweaters to keep these rescued elephants warm in freezing temperatures keeping aside the time of hard freezing winter days.

To shield the rescued majestic animals from cold, the volunteers knitted giant sweaters to keep these rescued elephants of Elephant Conservative Care Center warm in freezing temperatures.

The long foggy night, the curl up and the desperate trying to keep out the chill on a wintry night, these villagers of Agra are rescuing enormous woolly sweaters for rescued elephants to keep them warm in the near-freezing temperatures.

This Wildlife SOS sanctuary near Agra rescues elephants from across India who have been abused, beaten, and neglected by previous owners.

As temperatures in the region have dropped, locals have been busy knitting and crocheting super-sized sweaters to keep the animals cozy in the steep freezing cold.

After staff warned that temperatures were approaching freezing, many local women came forward with pajama-like garments for the elephants to wear.

Having suffered so much abuse and vulnerability, this is sure to keep these creatures protected from the bitter cold during this extreme weather.

They are susceptible to ailments such as pneumonia and the cold aggravates their arthritis, which is a common issue the rescued elephants have to deal with.

The center currently houses 20 elephants rescued from illegal captivity, trafficking, exploitation for begging or circus shows, and they’re hoping to rescue 50 more elephants this year, as well as expanding the sanctuary with new land.

These majestic creatures, escaping abuse could not hold out battle any further and are finally able to spend their days happily, with frequent baths, a nutritious diet, and good veterinary care. Water pools have been provided to the elephants with the free access for them to bath and play in the water, at will.

“Elephant Conservation and Care Center” is a project of Wildlife SOS, created in 2010 in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department to rehabilitate severely abused captive elephants in distress.

Living out their retirement years, these adorable creatures are no longer forced to bear heavy loads, or walk on hot pavement, these majestic creatures are finally able to spend their days happily, with frequent baths, a nutritious diet, and good veterinary care.

This is sure to keep the curls up under control!

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