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Karnataka cab driver fined for not wearing helmet. What?

We all know how uncompromised Delhi Police is when it comes to traffic rules, and not wearing a helmet isn’t an option for them and the police will go miles making it sure that we follow the rule for the next time as well. Above all, wearing a helmet should never be an option, duh, it saves life.

The police will ensure that you follow the traffic rules, in any possible way just to save our lives. But what if we tell you that Karnataka police has gone one step further, fining a person for not wearing a helmet. So what’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, the twist is, the man whom they challaned was driving a four-wheeler, a car.

Yes! You read that right; the man was driving a car. The helmet is important while driving a two-wheeler, not a four-wheeler. But Karnataka policeman has totally different opinion about it. Naveen, a car driver in Hubballi was driving back to the city from Gokul road when the cop stopped him at about 10:00 pm.

The cop asked for Naveen’s documents and despite having everything in place, fined Naveen with 100 rupees for not wearing a helmet. Yes, for not wearing a helmet.

When Naveen confronted the cop and refused to pay Rs 500, the cop started abusing him and misbehaved with him. However, the cops settled down to Rs 100.

Previous cases of drivers being fined for not wearing a helmet have taken place due to fault in CCTV cameras but this is definitely the first one where a cop who can see the driver in a car fined him for not wearing a helmet!

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