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No Fear No Favour

Kapil Mishra compares himself to Abhimanyu, in the latest ‘AAP-Gatha’.

We all know that this will happen eventually, right? While we have seen the power struggle in Baahubali movie recently, the real-life power struggle is happening in Aam Aadmi Party.

Sacked AAP minister Kapil Mishra, who has leveled serious corruption charges against AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday, has now challenged Kejriwal to contest election against him.

“Be it my constituency Karawal Nagar or even from New Delhi seat, I challenge you to contest an election against me, I am ready to resign, what about you? If you believe that people are with you than contest an election from your New Delhi seat,” Mishra said while reading out a letter to his ‘Guru’.

The drama didn’t end here Kapil Mishra also compares himself as Abhimanyu, the famous mythological character from Hindu-epic saga Mahabharat, In the thirteenth day of the battle of Dharma, Abhimanyu was obliged to break through the cakravyuha, the wheel formation of the Kaurava army. Though he fought valiantly, he was surrounded by a multitude of Kaurava warriors including Drona, Karna, Duryodhana and Dushasana. He was killed in this battle as he was ignorant of the technique of extricating himself out of that cakravyuha. However, before laying down his life, he fought bravely against the greatest of the Kaurava warriors and displayed remarkable heroism.


— Kapil Mishra (@KapilMishraAAP) May 9, 2017

Mishra says sorry to Kejriwal and also seeks his blessings for his fighting against corruption.

Whereas Duryodhana sorry, AAP chief Kejriwal has promised that he will expose the big conspiracy against his party and electronic voting machine tampering scandal today at 2 pm.

Then the Dushashan oops no no sorry Manish Sisodia has also lashed out at Mr Mishra for naming Mr Kejriwal’s brother-in-law, who died on Monday. “Have some humanity. Not even two hours after the cremation, allegations are being made against the person.”

It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds in upcoming days but we have just one thing to say to sacked minister Kapil Mishra that it was Arjuna who lifted weapons against his own teacher, not Abhimanyu!

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