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JugJugg Jeeyo points out what we are missing in love and relationships as a generation

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Varun Dhawan Proposing Kiara Advani in a unique style in Jugg Jug Jeeyo.

June 28, 2022 (New Delhi): Bollywood has given a lot of domestic movies full of families, conflicts and reunions. How about a movie revolving around family, friends, love, realationship with a deep emotional lesson of acceptance. Raj Mehta’s JugJugg jeeyo is written by Anurag Singh, Rishhabh Sharrma, Sumit Batheja and Neeraj Udhwani which portrays Kiara Advani (Naina Sharma) as a self made, self independent women of choices and questionable character.

In Picture: Starcast Of JugJugg Jeeyo.

Varun Dhawan aka (Kukoo Saini) in the movie and Kiara Advani (Naina Sharma) messed up in a cold marriage filled with grudges, disputes and a lack of communication gap. It seems in the movie that kukoo Saini has shifted countries to support his girlfriend’s career and in that case he failed to build himself . Finally, after a lot of introspection and fights, The two decide to divorce. Shortly afterwards, Kukoo discovers that his Patiala-based father too wants out from his marriage of over three decades. Bheem (Anil Kapoor) intends to break it off from Kukoo’s mother Geeta (Neetu Kapoor), a traditional stay-at-home wife. He has been having an affair with a younger woman, Meera (Tisca Chopra).

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The whole movie is an amalgamation of love, relationship, marriage and most specially the choices and priorities we make for the person whom we have chosen for life. This movie gives a clear picture that any relationship should be based on love, mutual trust and understanding and if anything is missing then it is not at all a good bond. However, the movie is full of sarcasm, humour and comedy revolving around the family issues, relationship bonds and finally divorce. It gives deep insights of conservative feminism through Neetu Kapoor’s wonderful character of a woman who supported her husband through all the odds but at the end we can see a liberal look when she finally signed the divorce papers as no one should force any relationship.

Maniesh Paul’s role as Naina’s brother displays solid comic timing in places, and the writers do well with the portrayal of supportiveness between Naina, Geeta and Kukoo’s sister (Prajakta Koli) bringing a new viewpoint to the film industry. Overall, The idea of movie is so deep and heart touching which portrays good feminism conservative as well as as liberalism with a emotional touch. But, there’s so much songs in the movie after a while which is not doing any justice with the movie and there’s no shocking element in the movie as it’s like audience knows what’s next. So, this movie is so houseful with deep message along with humorous touch.

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