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It’s A Year Since The Failed Coup In Turkey Happened, Watch How A Man Take On Against The Tanks

It’s been a year since the failed military coup gripped Turkey. The failed coup instilled a sense of fear among the citizens of the country, and since its going to be a year, a video of a man who was seen overrun by army tanks, twice, in an attempt to stop them entering the city.

Sabri Unal joined thousands who came out onto the streets to resist the coup.

“I saw tanks approaching and I threw myself onto the road to stop them,” He said. “At this point, the first tank came. But it did not stop, it ran over me.”

Adding further, he said, “When I stood up I saw the second tank coming. I tried to stop it by raising my right arm. Although the tank saw me, it didn’t stop and my arm was crushed” He said.

Watch the video here:

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