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IPL – a total package of entertainment; money, glamour and cricket.

Need a break from your hectic work schedule and busy lives, but don’t have enough time to let Bollywood stars entertain you or to watch a cricket match if you’re a cricket lover? Tune into IPL, the most glamorous cricket league of the world. It has everything that will entertain you in much less time. It will surely bring a smile to your face.


Glamour – It has everything for everyone; cricket, Bollywood stars, money, cheerleader, glamour. The squad player’s wives and girlfriends cheering for their men adds to the glamour. It is a successful attempt by the creators of the league to only to bring the lovers of the game together but also the non-cricket lover with the cheerleaders and team owners. 

ENTERTAINMENT – It’s entertainment in its purest form. IPL is something which everyone could sit together and watch. Fights for the TV remotes have gradually decreased. People barely argue for switching the song in your gym because everyone is happy to watch IPL. Not only guys love watching IPL, but also the ladies. If not for the cricket definitely for the glamour, either to be updated about the latest the fashion trends or to watch their favourite star dancing to their favourite tune.

CONTROVERSY AND GOSSIP –  The TRP of IPL rarely goes down, besides its guarantees few controversies and nice gossips. Whether it is King Khan, SRK’s entry ban at the Wankhede stadium, who has forgotten Lalit Modi? It assures a few nice topics on which the nation will talk for next couple days.

IPL have just started now and the dose of glamour is already so high. Keep an eye fixed because, it is entertainment, Guaranteed!

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