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iPhone is storing all your X-rated pics in a secret folder and Twitter is pisssed

Apple’s updates have everyone confused, angry and annoyed lately. Some people claim that after updating their phone, their batteries are not lasting nearly as long as they used to. Others claim the update has slowed downloading speeds on apps and while using their phone altogether. And, then there are the people who complain just to complain because are we ever really satisfied with technology? Nope, never. There are tons of new features that the latest iOS update has given us but, this is by far the creepiest.

People have discovered through the new “search” option in your photo album that Apple is storing all of our slutty, b**b-filled selfies in one secret folder. It’s basically like your “naughty pics” folder that you don’t want anyone seeing.


How do you find it? It’s simple:

Go to your photos app and click on albums.

In the top right corner, you’ll see the search option.

Type in the word “brassiere.”


All of your photos with cleavage, b**bs and even *nudes* will appear in an organized little folder. It’s not limited to just creepy nudes though, you can search just about anything and see how the iPhone’s technology recognizes words/images/things in all of your videos and photos.

It’s pretty weird if you ask me. I don’t need my iPhone recognizing my b**b shots and where I look the sluttiest. It’s an invasion of my photo privacy and I’m not about it, at all. People on Twitter found out that this was a real thing and – well, they had thoughts.

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