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India Vs Pakistan: Not Mere A Cricket Match But An Emotion.

Champions trophy’s final face off between Pakistan and India is the most awaited match for both the countries. Scheduled to be broadcast on June 18,2017, it will be the most anticipated event after 4th June.

1. Not just cricket lovers but every citizen from youth to an adult curiously want their county to win, especially when it is India vs Pakistan.

2. Cricketers on the ground and fans on the streets will show their unquestionable integrity and patriotism for their country

3.Again, will be the time when office work will take a pause for the cricket match.

4.Fans will be praying for their country to charm the world.

5. Best of luck to all the cricketers on the field and the fans on the streets.

6. India will definitely take over the trophy.

An Yeah, here’s a bonus pic from our side.

By: Simran Dhingra

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