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In an attempt to curb fake news, news channels are barred from running news from internet

With social media fast emerging as a source for news channels, the Information and Broadcasting ministry has issued an order to TV channels to verify the content so that fake or doctored material does not get passed off as news.

News will also have to issue a disclaimer if the content is derived from individuals or social media platforms, and run scrolls that alert viewers to the source of their information, Hindustan Times, quoting a ministry official reported.

The government action comes days after a Gujarati channel, VTV was taken off air for two days after it was found to be in violation of norms.

The channel, on in its programme called ‘Viral Truth’, had in March televised a four-minute visual clip of a man beating children in an orphanage in Valsad.

The I&B ministry said the visuals, upon investigation, were found to have originated in Egypt but were passed off as having happened in Gujarat, without adequate investigation by the channel

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