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If a train driver falls asleep, what happens to the train. Have you ever wondered ?

You Might have travelled several times in train, but have you ever wondered what will happen to the  train if driver went into deep sleep ??

We will tell you, what happens in that case

There is something called Dead Man’s Switch which does the magic. In the realm of trains, it is called an “Alerter”

Various control logics are in place so that this does not malfunction. But, to put the logic in layman’s words –

The Operator has to make some or the other movement to prove that he is in control of the train.

In condition like the constant speed cruising, there would not be much handle movements. So, he has to simply press this “Alerter” switch every now and then when prompted.

In case no button is pushed in 1 minute a siren will go off asking the driver to push a button. If nothing happens in 1 minute  then immediately the locomotive is powered down and emergency brakes are applied this brings the train to a standstill.

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