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No Fear No Favour

How twitter addiction can ruin your image !

Everyone knows how Donald Trump is fond of twitter.Since he became the 45th President of United States.He has been in news for more of his chucklesome tweets rather than initiating new agendas for his country.

On Wednesday also he tweeted something strange,after which lots of people were perplexed and they are still seeking the sense of his tweets.

Donald J Trump tweeted “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”


Most people think he meant to write “press coverage,” and it was a typo/spelling error. The strange tweet remained up for at least an hour after it first appeared (presumably Trump’s press team was sleeping).

So what does the word “covfefe” mean? Again, it means nothing apparently. It appears to be a typo/spelling error. It doesn’t come up in standard dictionaries, and, although a lot of people thought he meant to say press coverage, a few people thought he meant press conference.

Here is  how twitterites trolling him :-


What do you think Trump meant to say? Put your thoughts in the comment thread.

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