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How Intimate Piercings of Genital Organs becomes a New Trend

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Intimate Piercing Jewellery.

May 20, 2022 (New Delhi): Piercings in India is being traditionally used by women to pierce their ears and nose but what if a needle is used to the intimate (sensitive) parts of the body which can be a ballsy idea to some and contrarily send shivers down the spine for others. Piercings are polarising and and after all it is quite difficult for some when it comes to the genital area. With new emerging trends, it is observed that people are using piercings for seeking sexual pleasure and to fulfill sexual contentment. As per a report by “The Vice”, Mr Piercer, who has gotten hundreds of pierced vaginas and penises under his belt – the world of intimate piercings is a playground in itself, one filled with pleasure, pain and pretty jewellery.

In Picture: Men with pierced nipples.

Furthermore, this idea came in light when J’son D’souza – a professional tattoo artist and piercer more popularly known by his nick name Mr Piercer, who has started his studio in the Indian city of Mumbai in the beginning of his career in 2005, he noticed that there was a lack of awareness and understanding around intimate piercings. These piercings were already causing a huge stir in Europe, but only began gaining attention and acceptance in India about a decade ago, according to D’souza.

Picture Credit: Getty Images.

D’souza also gave piercings in intimate areas to so many clients and she mentioned in a recent interview that her first time moment of giving intimate piercings was awkward. She said, “I spent several weeks carefully studying how to give this piercing, and told her that since this was my first time, it would take me time to get it right. She got a piercing on her clitoris and embellished it with a hanging pair of mini handcuffs. She loved it, and has it to this date.”

In Picture: Genital Piercings for Women.

The idea of Genital Piercing can be found in the The Kama Sutra, the traditional Sanskrit text on eroticism, sexuality and emotional fulfilment. The book describes genital jewellery, such as pins and penis inserts, as ornamental, but also as a means to increase sexual pleasure for both partners so that they could reach the highest level of sexual contentment. It is believed that women who’ve been pierced “down there” say it helped them reach their first orgasm quickly . Other women say their vaginal piercing makes them feel exciting, adventurous, or naughty. However, the cooler it sounds it also has some negative impacts if not done in proper guidance.

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