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HOLE-Y Cow: This Is The Height Of Animal Cruelty

Many of the times, voices were raised against animal mutilation, or experiments carried on them. Many animal welfare organisations like PETA, Blue Cross for the pets, International Animal Rescue and the like have registered their voice against such inhuman treatment of animals.

In the same experiment, that blows away all the boundaries of inhuman torture, termed ‘fistulated cow.’ A fistulated cow is a cow with a fistula (or passageway) connecting the cow’s stomach, which is visible to the outside world.  The internet is filled up with videos like these:


What are we doing !!!!

A cannulated cow refers to a cow that has been surgically fitted with a cannula. A cannula acts as a porthole-like device that allows access to the rumen of a cow, to perform research and analysis of the digestive system. The practice can be traced back to as early as the 1920s. – Wikipedia.

Posted by AlphaGorilla on Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Fistulated cows, and removing a chunk of these animals’ abdomen to expose their stomachs, has been a longtime practice of animal experimenters and is even done at veterinary schools. Although many claims that the cows don’t get hurt by the surgery or reduce the life expectancy, the mutilation has four-to –six weeks of recovery, which in its pure sense means that the cow will not be in her most comfortable life.

The aim for fistulated cows’ is to study the microbes in stomachs that are present and sometimes transferred to other animals. While other claims that this transfer can improve the health of cows, the procedure seems mostly to benefit the meat and dairy industries’ bottom lines—optimizing food and digestion for animals that will ultimately be exploited and slaughtered.


CANNULATED COWFarming and the cannulated cow.. researchers cut holes in the sides of cows called "cannulas,'…

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Not only this, these fistulated cows also work as a show piece at events. They are often put on display at events, such as recruitments for veterinary schools, in which patrons are invited to reach inside a living cow.


These inhuman actions for the sake of experiment should be stopped as, like any other human being, cows also does have feelings

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