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Hey you! Romeo’s and Juliet’s, You are Welcomed by Delhi

Uttar Pradesh’s Romeos and Juliets are facing greater scrutiny, critics are accusing the state’s week-old BJP government of ‘moral policing’.


The culture of India is one of love and resistance, and star-crossed lovers may find refuge in the nation’s Capital, AAP minister Kapil Mishra said on Saturday.

Speaking of the Mail Today Culture Conclave, he announced that both Romeo and Juliet are welcome in the city and there would be no Mogambo to object, referring to one of Hindi cinema’s best-known villains.

very year when the tourism calendar of the government of India is sent to all countries, there are two places which are always mentioned  Taj Mahal and Khajuraho.

‘One symbolizes divine love and the other material love,’ the city’s tourism and culture minister said. Indian culture is known to embrace dissenting voices, he pointed out.

Delhi is a flexible society. People who invaded and made an attempt to destroy the culture eventually blended in.’ Ghulam Ali is one of those artists whose music is immensely popular among Indian soldiers. His music is without boundaries. Our culture is flexible and convergent.’ The minister compared Indian culture to the voices of Kabir and Maharishi Charvaka known for their anti-norm views.

The Aam Aadmi Party and other critics have accused the ruling BJP at the Centre as well as affiliated groups of trying to muzzle dissent and paint nonconformists as ‘anti-nationals’.

Amid all the criticism for the Centre, the minister did not hold back in appreciating the support he received from the Modi government.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s action has sparked criticism on social media video with commentators terming it an infringement of individual rights with TV footage showing young men being caned by police and others being made to do sit-ups as punishment. The Centre and Delhi government are closely working in tandem to promote tourism and clean the Yamuna.

He surely believes in promoting culture its importance to connect the society with the river. Therefore, he organized a mega Yamuna aarti and are also going to develop river tourism and a `200-crore budget has been earmarked for this year. he has a 22-km stretch of clean water which is still an unexplored point. We have begun water sports. He also will develop a 5-km ecological river front.

The city’s nightlife is an important part of the culture and it’s beyond going to India Gate or nightclubs,  “The nightlife ensures the law and order of a place.”




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