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Here’s A Rule Book For You While Dealing With Your Girl During Those Days Of Time

Here’s A Rule Book When For You While Dealing With Your Girl During Her Those Days

Something is beyond her control, especially during those time of the month when. Her reactions, her mood swings, her demands and things that are beyond your limits to control. No matter how independent and strong she is, she is, after all, a woman with a hormonal cycle – something she can’t control, just like she can’t control your reactions!

She will declare you to be ‘the one’ for her only when she can trust you to be the stronger one in the relationship, it allows her to relax into being a feminine, emotional woman around you.

Most of the men repeat the same mistake, trying to fix a woman. That’s what she doesn’t actually want. If she ever loves you in, she would be happy to align with you on your preferences, but she does expect you to be sensitive to her needs and the emotional or physical changes she goes through during those 28–30 days of her cycle.

Day 1 – Day 6: These are the days when she would be down, feeling weak and lethargic. Women expect that their partner should pamper her, care her and cajole them while they struggle with the physical pain. She may have food carving or some random dislikes. Don’t panic when she suddenly complaints about her looks or appearance during this time.


While she doesn’t expect you to be her nurse, she would expect you to take care of those small little things that she may need, be affectionate and sensitive to her pain and put her off to sleep peacefully. Just do it, and you are sure to be the HERO of her life!

Day 6 – Day 12: These are the days when she is more on a side of optimistic, upbeat, will be chatting with a little bit more, and confident. The hormonal changes will give a boost to her attractiveness by promoting her subtle shifts in soft tissue.

Day13-Day 15: This is the best time to make her feel the ‘queen’ of your life. These are the days when you can show how much you love her. As this is the best time to make love with her. The hormone changes in her body cause a sharp spike in her libido and make her orgasms more intense and easier to achieve. She would literally be aching to make love to you, the urge and passion in most cases is uncontrollable


Day 16- Day 21: These are the days when her energy level takes a dip. The libido levels dip subtly with every passing day. They are hungrier, have more cravings for high-calorie foods, they are less adventurous and more emotionally connected to their men.The good part is that she won’t complain much or drag you out for dinners or drives, she would be happy watching a film at home or reading a book with you!

Day 21- Day 28: The PMS days!!! The most popular and dangerous time to be around a woman– at least that what men think, the truth is that it is equally difficult for both! As oestrogen takes its plunge, it triggers moodiness, sadness, irritability, muscle aches, insomnia, headaches, fatigue and a sense of insecurity. Food cravings and hunger pangs take over and so does the need to feel wanted and loved – In fact, this is the week when her libido returns, though technically that’s not due to hormones.

Follow the rule book, and you shall never fail. Remember if she knows that you know how to deal with her moods as well as she knows you, she too would make an effort to make it easy for you to love her and be there for her.

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