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Here are the outfits hack that every girl must know

It’s pretty usual that your jeans just seem tighter, or your viscose dress continuously sticks to your body making you uncomfortable. In these given situations one has to keep their calm and look for quick-fix solutions. All you need is a little bit of patience and a few easily available stuff.

Read on below:

1. Fix tight jeans:

If your jeans become a little tight and the button just refuses to close, you can use a rubber band around the button and insert another end in the buttonhole. Now, stretch the button-hole side towards the button and put the rubber band as a noose around the button. Tra la! the jeans now completely fits you.

2 – Stop a viscose dress from sticking:

Viscose dresses have a propensity to continuously stick to your body and flay it off always awkwardly, To fix this problem, spray body mist in the strategic areas which will stop the dress from sticking.

3 – How to fix oversized shoes:

There are times when you bought a pair of chic heels and they are a size bigger than your feet. Don’t panic, we have a simple solution here. Cut a sanitary napkin into the shape of the shoe’s end and stick it there. This trick will improve the fit of your shoes, also you can avoid the chances of getting shoe blisters.

4 – Save your tee-shirt from makeup stains:

Our tee-shirts often catch the foundation stains while doing make-up. To avoid this gaffe, sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder around the neckline of the tee which will serve as a shield against the foundation stains.

These outfit hacks are life-saving for every fashionista out there.

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