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Great Indian Politics

There is a line which states people should learn from their mistakes and retrospect on them so that they can perform better next time.

But in Indian Politics the case is totally different, instead of accepting defeat they either blame EVM machines or blame a single senior leader for whole defeat.

Recently when AAP witnessed the huge loss in Punjab and Goa elections, they alleged BJP has tempered EVM machines that are why they lost the election.

Does it sound logical?

After losing Punjab and Goa elections, AAP also lost Delhi MCD elections.


A few months back, when BJP came to power in UP with the massive victory, then also BSP alleged EVM’S tampered.


The dispute within Samajwadi Party led them to lost the elections as some volunteers of the SamajvadiParty claim.


Owning to this, on Friday Shivpal Singh Yadav uncle of former CM Akhilesh Yadav formed his own new party naming Samajwadi Secular Morcha as per ANI reports.


He also added “Akhilesh had promised to hand over the party to ‘Netaji’ (Mulayam). He should now do so and we all will strengthen the SP. I had also given him three months’ time. Otherwise, I will constitute a new secular front,” PTI quoted Shivpal as saying.


Shivpal, who had a bitter spat with his nephew Akhilesh in the run-up to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election this year and who had made a public spectacle of the showdown, had recently said he would soon launch a campaign to unite “Samajwadi” (socialists) to bring them on a single platform.


Is it a solution in long term? Instead of settling personal scores, leaders should be united and work on their mistakes.

They should work on the problems of common people, instead of giving them alternative party to vote

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