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Gmail Shutting Down in August!? Here is Google’s Official Announcement

Google to shut down gmail
Image Source: Business Insider

Google replied on Friday to debunk rumours regarding the closure of its popular email service, Gmail. The assumption arose from a purported email screenshot suggesting that Google intended to “sunset Gmail” . On August 1, ending email support. In a clear statement, Google promised customers that Gmail will continue to exist beyond the specified date. Emphasising its commitment to delivering uninterrupted email services.

“After years of connecting millions around the world, facilitating seamless communication, and creating innumerable connections, Gmail’s journey is coming to an end. The mailing app will be formally sunsetted on August 1, 2024, bringing the service to an end. “This means that Gmail will no longer support sending, receiving, or storing emails,” the screenshot stated.

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The screenshot became viral, quickly spreading across other social networking networks, including X (previously known as Twitter) and TikTok. Creators claimed that Google’s decision to shut down the mailing app was in retaliation to the outrage caused by their AI image tool, Gemini. As, this tool recently came in controversy when it produced photographs of “racially diverse” Nazi troops, eliciting popular outrage and criticism. The screenshot’s viral nature fueled the narrative. Sparking broad conversations and debates about the implications of AI technology and its possible social consequences.

Google Clarifies Gmail Hoax

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Google stepped in promptly to address the rumors and set the record straight. However, they made it clear that Gmail is not going anywhere, assuring users through a post on X (formerly Twitter). This quick intervention aimed to reassure everyone and put an end to the speculation, emphasizing that Gmail will continue to be available for users without any disruptions.

Tech experts also turned to social media to dispel the allegations, clarifying that the company’s action involved closing down the HTML version of Gmail this year, not the entire email platform. “Gmail stopped the HTML-only version of the service in January 2024. Standard @gmail works perfectly fine. “Stupid hoax,” remarked Marsha Collier, a technology educator. The HTML version of Gmail enables users to view their emails in low-network locations.

Author- Anshika Sharma

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