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Gautam Gambhir, Kangana Ranaut backs suspended BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma over Prophet Muhammad Remarks

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: BJP MP Gautam Gambhir came in support of Nupur Sharma.

June 13, 2022 (New Delhi): BJP MP and former cricketer Gautam Gambhir extended his support to suspended party leader Nupur Sharma on Sunday against threats to her life following her insulting remarks against Prophet Mohammad. Gambhir takes a dig at ‘secular liberals’ for their ‘deafening silence’ against the humiliations and alleged death treats faced by Nupur Sharma regularly.

In Picture: Netizens came on streets to show their support to suspend BJP Spokesperson, Nupur Sharma.

Gambhir took to Twitter to write, “Silence of so called ‘secular liberals’ on the sickening display of hatred & death threats throughout the country against a woman who has apologised is surely deafening’.” Not only Mr. Gambhir, Actress Kangana Ranaut eloquently lend her support to Nupur Sharma previously. The suspended BJP Spokesperson’s remarks made in a TV debate last month had drawn condemnation from many Islamic countries and sparked protests from Muslims in different parts of India. Clarifying that he was not in support of her statements, he later said: ‘Nobody has supported the statements made by Nupur Sharma. The party has taken strict disciplinary action against her and she has unequivocally apologised for the same’.

In Picture: Gautam Gambir. Pic Credit: Getty Images.

After seeing the blatant and violent protests against Nupur Sharma, Gambhir expressed his views, “The blatant display of hatred, death threats against her and her family and coordinated rioting in different parts of the country is a cause of concern. Even more astonishing is the silence of those secular liberals who blame our party for so-called intolerance. It is clear that vote bank politics is in play in certain states where rioters have created havoc with impunity. I laud the actions taken by the UP government to control the situation and to discourage such behaviour. This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated in 21st Century India’.” However, netizens have a different perspective towards this contentious issue.

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