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From Transformers to Star Wars, Ten Hollywood movies we look forward to in 2017.

Although 2016 is not quite over yet, it is time to turn our attention to next year and, specifically, the wonderful cinematic treats we have awaiting us. There are returns for some much-loved comic book characters and a few movie debuts. There are plenty of sequels to get excited about too.
From SpiderMan, Batman to Optimus Prime and Lightning Mcqueen. From Belle to Baby Groot, 2017 has lots of surprises for us. 2017 is looking like a biggest year for Hollywood movie buffs, It has STAR WARS episode 8 with LUKE SKYWALKER!! After all.

Let’s look at 2017 biggest movies for us and our excitement level for it.

1. STAR WARS: Episode 8


As Rogue One’s release is still lingering, build up around Star Wars: Episode VIII couldn’t be higher right now. With this set for a release date much later in 2017, very few details are available. Fans are still waiting on a name for the film. One thing can be certain, it’s not going to be a flop. Star Wars: Episode VII is set for release December 15, 2017

What’s Hot
Everything, a proven cast, a beloved franchise and a returning character we all waiting to see on big screen, Luke Skywalker.

What’s Not
Nothing, Really. Let’s just hope Ryan Johnson will deliver.

Excitement Level: 10/10

2. Beauty and the Beast.

We don’t think there has yet been a Disney live-action remake as hyped-up as this one. Emma Watson is Belle in the latest of the animated Disney films to ‘come to life’ on the big screen. With both children and adults itching to see this, we can’t wait for some more news (and a good old-fashioned sing-song, of course).

What’s Hot
A Beloved classic and Disney has a good track record if it comes to make live-action remakes of classic fairy-tales. With Emma Watson as Belle, the trailer released looks interesting.

What’s Not
Only concern is that how good original song would be, let’s hope they are as good as original songs.

Excitement Level: 8/10

3. Justice League Of America.

Though, Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad both didn’t fare well with the critics, both movies are still a bright spot of 2016, it would be a big task for Zack Snyder to deliver this time.

What’s Hot.
Ben Affleck as Batman and first live action movie featuring Justice League members like, Aquaman, Wonder woman, Flash and Cyborg , that’s enough reason to be excited about this film.

What’s Not.
DCEU track record is what somewhat concern for this movie.Though, judging by the trailer this movie looks more fun than Batman V Superman.

Excitement Level: 8/10.

4. Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Jack Sparrow is back and returning cast also included like Captain Barbosa and Will Turner, we had high hopes for this flick.

What’s Hot
Last pirates movie was released in 2011 and some pirates fans are still waiting for next instalment in the series.

What’s Not
The teaser trailer which released earlier this year didn’t look exciting.

Excitement Level: 7/10

5. Fate Of The Furious

Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel) turns his back on the family and Charlize Theorn joins the franchise as new antagonist, this movie has lots of material to be excited about.

What’s Hot
Charlize Theorn, The Rock and rest of the cast member returning after Furious 7. Also, How can Dom Turns his back to Family?

What’s Not.
We all think they should have ended this franchise on the poetic note. Furious 7 was the perfect goodbye.

Excitement Level: 7/10.

6. SpiderMan: Homecoming

Tom Holland stars as Spider-Man in the new film. It focuses on a young Peter Parker trying to come to terms with his newly found powers. Also starring Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton, this release has already got fans twitching with excitement.

What’s Hot.
Spiderman back in Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Iron Man is his new mentor.

What’s Not
Let’s just hope the movie would be as good as the trailer released earlier.

Excitement Level: 8/10.

7. Transformers 5

Optimus Prime turns his back on Family, yes it’s a fate of the furious with robots.

What’s Hot
Let’s be real audience still love Optimus Prime Adventures.

What’s Not.
At this point anything to say about the movie is dangerous.

Excitement Level: 6/10.

8. Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Chris Pratt returns in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 next year. The sequel will see Peter Quill and the Guardians travel through the cosmos to find his father. However, following on from the success of the initial film, it’s safe to say that everyone has high hopes for this.

What’s Hot
The first one was so good and Baby groot is adorable.

What’s Not.
Trailer was not very good.

Excitement Level: 9/10

9. Despicable Me 3.

Gru and his minions are back for the third installment in Illumination Entertainment’s family favourite Despicable Me series. A film perfect for all ages, the small yellow followers of ex-villain Gru keep having audiences coming back for more. Surely this is set to be 2017’s biggest family release?

What’s Hot.
The goodwill of first two films in the franchise.

What’s Not.
Minions Overdose.

Excitement Level: 7/10.

10. Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman has an advantage over the preceding DCEU films. There will be likely much less world building in Wonder Woman, allowing for a tighter narrative with fewer restrictions. Further, the film stars Gal Gadot, who might not have been everyone’s first choice to play the Amazonian princess, but was universally praised for her role in Batman V Superman.

What’s Hot
Reactions to Wonder Woman‘s trailers have been positive, and there is certainly excitement to see the first live-action solo outing of, perhaps, the greatest heroine of all time.

What’s Not.
Same as Justice League, DCEU track record is what somewhat concern for this movie.

Excitement Level: 8/10.

Apart, from this movie there’s still some big blockbusters will be there for us folks.

1. The Lego Batman Movie.

2. War Of The Planet Of The Apes.

3. Dunkirk, (A Christopher Nolan movie)

4. Thor: Ragnaork.

5. Fifty Shades Darker.

6. The Mummy.

7. Logan.

8. Kong: Skull Island.

9. Baywatch.

10. Cars 3.

By: Saket Sharma

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