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Former McDonald’s Employee Shares Gross Pictures Of Ice Cream Machine, Gets Fired

Admit it, we love that Aloo Tikki burger of McDonald’s and with that, a soft serve to fulfil the sweet tooth of yours. The freshly put aloo in the tikki and the soft serve is worth every penny of yours who would have it. The trust we have on McDonald’s that they will deliver on their promise. But the things are going haywire for the fast food giant as a person, who poised himself as the employee of the company, reveals a secret of the company.

The user ‘Nick’ (According to his twitter handle) posted some disturbing images that went viral within minutes

He doesn’t stop here:

After his viral Twitter spree – which included a photo of all frozen food – Nick was inevitably fired from his job.

But, don’t worry – it was all apart of his master plan.

Talk about the queen of petty.
According to an interview with BuzzFeed, Nick claims that it’s the manager’s job at McDonald’s locations to clean the ice cream machines out. As well, Twitter users shared that McDonald’s staff is not trained in how to clean them.

Ugh, way to go Nick. Ruining my fun with your nasty ass pictures.

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