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For the people, by the people, to the people: Yogi’s minsiter to hold public meeting on the streets

Yogi government is doing all the things possible to turn the state’s politics that haven’t seen a change from decades. Whether its passing orders to shut down slaughterhouses, or forming Anti-Romeo Squad that would take care of the ‘Romeos’ in public areas.

In the recent of the orders, which had made its way directly from CM’s residence Kali Das Marg, the Yogi government says “All his elected members will hold public meetings and solve the public grievances on the spot.” The move, in its whole self, is historic as no previous government had thought to move to the public. The first public meeting will be held in Allahabad

The government, on Tuesday, has announced to bring down the load from farming sector. Yogi government had waived off the farmer loans, and taking cleanliness to the next level he had also fined his own car driver for spitting out tobacco.

With this order coming to action, Yogi Government had kept the words of PM Modi of “Pradhan Sevak.” PM Modi, on many of his rallies, is seen saying the words “Pradhan Sevak” to make a connection with the people he is addressing.

And taking the cue from the same, Yogi, too, want their ministers to have a connection with the public.

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