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Footballer Scores couples of Goals, Rushes To See Birth Of Son In Nick Of Time


For footballer Ryan Colclough, Tuesday night was great both on and off the field. On November 22, British football club Wigan Athletic’s Ryan Colclough scored two goals in a game against Doncaster – before rushing off the field to see his son being born. According to the BBC, a nod from his father – who was present in the stands – alerted him to the news that his partner’s water had broken. Within seconds, he raced over in his waiting car to the hospital to witness the birth. Luckily, he made it to the hospital in the nick of time – still dressed in his full football kit.

The 22-year-old winger said that it was a ‘great feeling’ to witness the birth of his second son.

He said he was still overwhelmed with the great night both on and off the pitch.


Both the mother and the son, named Harley Thomas, are doing very well.

“As soon as he got his second goal he was off the pitch because his head was somewhere else,” says assistant manager Leam Richardson, according to the Mirror.

In other good news, his team Wigan Athletic won the game 3-0.

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