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Father of two Akeel trapped a Hindu girl in his love spell: Mother of a girl running for justice

An 18-year old girl in Mewat, Haryana got caught in the love trap of 32-year old Akeel and father of two. Mother of a girl is running for justice and said she reached the local police station to acknowledge them about this Love-Jihad radicalization incidence happened with her daughter. She further added that the police didn’t file her report and refused to proceed any investigation into this matter.

Akeel flew from the village with an 18-year old girl right after the matter came into limelight. Girl’s mother along with the locals are calling it action in direct proportion to the Muslim’s lead nationwide radicalization i.e. Love-Jihad.

Love was just a trap to brainwash the girl’s mind to gain her trust and confidence. The man who is not loyal to his first wife with whom he has two children’s. How can anyone believe that he loves 18-year old Hindu girl whom he has met just since a while ago? Akeel’s action depicts his greed towards sex and lust.

Mother has acknowledged that her daughter was pursuing Bachelor in Arts from Jain College. On being asked, did she inquired the college administration about their love story? She replied, “College administration doesn’t have any information regarding her daughter link-ups with Akeel.”

A video of Hindu girl mother is going viral on the internet and Chief Minister Office Haryana twitter handle has replied to the video and has asked for the further details about the Muslim man to proceed the investigation.

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