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Fascinated By The ‘Bahubali’, Mumbai Businessman Tries To Jump Like Prabahs; Dies

No matter how many times you flash the disclaimer “The stunts are performed by trained professionals, do not try this at home,” during the movies, it is rarely taken seriously. And such carelessness often can have serious consequences

Like in the case of Indrapal Patil, a businessman from Mumbai. Patil who was visiting a waterfall at Mahuli Fort in Shahapur last week died after he attempted Shivudu jump from the cascading waterfall from ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’, where Prabhas makes a leap across the waterfall defying all laws of physics.

Police said Patil died after he tried the Bahubali jump from a higher level of the waterfall. “We were informed by the police that he fell from a height and died. It was shocking for all of us, even more so for his wife,” his brother Mahendra told Mumbai Mirror.

According to police, this was the second such incident in the waterfall recently.
They have also reported an increase in such accidents.

“Every year during monsoon, we have our hands full with these incidents. Last month, a man died of a heart attack while he was trying to climb up to the waterfall’s source. The police are looking to make this waterfall, a no-entry zone,” stated a police official.

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