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Farmer shocked: Government making mockery by giving Rs 10 loan waiver to Uttar Pradesh farmers

It looks like Uttar Pradesh government is standing tall on their claim to waive off farmer’s loan amounting to Rs 36,000 crores, however, what the farmers have received so far are loan waiver certificates worth Rs 10 and Rs 215.

In the event organised at Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh, farmers were in a shock after receiving a loan waiver certificates with amounts as low as Rs 10. The event is witnessed by state Minister for Labour and Employment Exchanges, Manohar Lal (Mannu Kori).

The farmers, who have a debt amounting to Rs 50,000, were left stranded clueless when they were handed certificates worth Rs 10 or 20. The state of confusion gripped the farmers as they were left nowhere to waive-off the remaining amount.

On receiving complaints regarding these faulty loan waiver certificates of Rs 10 and Rs 20, Mannu Kori said, “It might be due to some misprint in the certificate, the matter will be investigated and discrepancies will be corrected.”

The farmers were disgruntled over the administration and expressed their displeasure over the distribution of these certificates and said it was nothing less than a mockery on their plight.

Munni Lal, a farmer from Umri village in Hamirpur, approached the Minister of State and while showing his bank passbook complained that he had a debt of around Rs 50,000 and received a certificate of Rs 215. Another farmer, Babulal, complained of receiving a loan waiver certificate of Rs 28,000 while he had a loan of Rs 50,000

Around 12,460 farmers, just from the Hamirpur district, are supposed to get farm loan waivers in the first phase of the scheme.

MoS Mannu Kori, on Monday, distributed the certificates of farm loan waiver to 5,000 farmers. Many of the farmers among 45, who were called on the stage, complained of getting these low-value certificates.

Such incidents have cropped up in the past too. On 8th September, an incident at Brabanki district, where certificates were distributed to 5,000 farmers. Farmers in Barabanki too complained of receiving waiver certificates of Rs 12 and 24.

Going by the Yogi government’s decision, small and marginal farmers in Uttar Pradesh were to get up to Rs 1 lakh for their losses. There are about 2.15 crore farmers in UP, whose loans amounting to Rs 30,729 crores, are supposed to be waived.

The Rs 30,729 crore debt waiver would benefit farmers who had suffered losses due to drought, flood etc in Uttar Pradesh. Other farmers, whose loans were declared Non-Performing Assets by the banks and are beyond recovery, will also be waived. This would amount to another Rs 5,630 crores, in addition to the Rs 30,729 crore.

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