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Farhan Akhtar proves that stardom never stops you from fulfilling your duties towards your parent

Farhan Akhtar is very close to his mother, Honey Irani who being a single parent has played a major role in his life, as a mother as well as the father during those important formative years. Farhan finds his mother to be one of the most sensitive and giving persons he knows.

picture courtesy: VoomPla

He respects his mother for allowing him and his sister to make their own mistakes in life and forming their own life experiences and learning from them. He is emotionally dependent on his mother and finds that it is important for him to make his mother proud of him as an atonement of all the stress he gave her while growing up.

Farhan Akhtar took his mum Honey Irani on a lunch date in Mumbai. the mother-son duo as they were leaving the venue after spending some good time together.. Farhan Akhtar carries his Bollywood lineage lightly. He comes from a line of eminent Urdu poets. His paternal great-grandfather was Muztar Khairabadi and his grandfather was Jan Nisar Akhtar

Honey Irani is an actress-screenwriter by profession and had parted ways with husband Javed Akhtar in 1985. Farhan also terms her as one of her harshest critics in his career.  Farhan’s father, Javed was not present much during his childhood days because he had opted out of his marriage to famous child star Honey Irani to live with veteran and acclaimed actress, Shabana Azmi, leaving back not only his wife but also a very young Farhan and his sister.

One can only imagine the resentment a young child would have for his father and step-mother, but it is to his mother’s credit that he didn’t grow up with any residual anger towards his father and now, a grown-up Farhan is close to his father as well as step-mother. Farhan and Javed have formed a creative team that has shown obviously glorious results in Farhan Akhtar’s films.



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