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No Fear No Favour

False News: Let’s hope we can’t get fooled easily next year like we did in 2016!

Though, 2016 will be remembered for many reasons to cherish. From P.V Sindhu and Deepa Karmakar winning silver and bronze medals in Rio Olympics to giving Pakistan the befitting reply in their own language by a surgical strike.

In short, this was the year which made Indians to proud on themselves. Amidst these celebrations comes those moments when 2016 was at the receiving end of enjoyment. This year will also mark as how our rationally abled brain of brains, which took 1000 years to evolve, got challenged by just mere forward on Whatsapp and Facebook, and special thanks for media coverage as well.

Today we are here with all the incident that took place in 2016, that questions your logical thinking. From freedom251 by ringing bells to the chaotic parliament winter session. So, let’s dive back in 2016 and see how our intelligence put to test.

Ringing bells: Rs 251 smartphone


Indians love two things. Free stuff and low prices. And if the person is getting a smartphone in Rs 251, no fool will let this deal slip away from his hand. And that’s what actually happened. In February, when the company Ringing Bells comes up with the smartphone priced at Rs 251, it became a hot topic of discussion.

After seeing the much success of ringing bells, another company, Leo Khonda is planning to start selling his motorcycle at Rs 1000. And if everything goes fine, another company, hupertech will provide you with a house at just Rs 5000.

Sonam Gupta Bevafa Hai


Everyone in our lives has gone through a break-up, had its highs and lows in life. With break-up comes the pain, and we accept the truth and gradually we adjust with the fact that our he/she won’t return and move on with our lives

But this heartbroken ‘ashiq’ was so distressed with his break-up that he decided to express his feeling in a witty way. Though, we don’t know who actually the Sonam Gupta actually is, but it surely gave sleepless nights to all the Sonam Gupta out there.

UNESCO announced our P.M the world’s best P.M.


Indians are sentimental towards our P.M, and why we shouldn’t, as he has taken India to new heights in the world. But in 2016, things not gone well with our P.M as well. The news came in that P.M Narendra Modi is awarded as the best PM in the world by UNESCO. Social networks were flooded with this fake news and messages on Whatsapp started to make their rounds. But the dreams were shattered when it turned out to be hoax

Coincidentally this hoax was making its round when India’s dream of entering in Nuclear Suppliers Group was falling apart.

The chaotic winter session of Parliament.

Rahul gandhi narendra modi

A blanket, a mug of coffee and no work; a perfect love story of all Indians. Now imagine, where you have to wake up early in those winter morning and had to rush to the office early. Will you concentrate on what you’re doing? No, right. That’s what can be summed up this winter’s session of parliament.

It seemed that our hon’ble were furious on the timings, especially the season, of the functioning of the parliament. No fault to them, winters make everyone lazy. We feel our ‘netas’ working during in winters.

Rs2000 GPS chip

Funny tweets The best jokes of Nano Chip in new Rs 2,000 note – Gandhi will slap if you bribe

The best-of-the-best, a GPS chip in new Rs 2000 note. Keeping the innovation continue, our government had now decided that a new note will be released which will be one more step towards a digital India.

After Apple planned to drop the headphone jack in their latest iPhone 7, the Indian government is finding a was to lure those distressed buyers to their side by fitting an audio jack in new Rs1000 note. By which, you can directly listen to ModiJi’s Mann Ki Baat and their speeches in rallies. A good idea to lure those buyers.

Other things are being considered in new note are a 32gb flash drive, a FM radio and a mini projector

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