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Ex-POTUS Barack Obama Holidays Will Surely Give You Holidaying Goals, Watch Video!

Your office mate: “Ooh you got that 3 day leave approved? So, what’s the plan then?”
You: “Ooh, I would be going for that Goa trip that I wanted for so long”
Your office mate: “Ooh! Enjoy then, buddy”
You: “Thanks, buddy”
And you both shake hands and leave for home

That short conversation and even the shorter trip to Goa for that most needed vacation to refresh you. We all need breaks to get free of that mental pressure we live for months.

Now, think about of working for 8 long years back-to-back, not having any time for even a single day, no weekend breaks, no compulsory Sunday holiday and most importantly, no surety of getting holidays on festivals. Would you say yes? If I don’t tell you salary nor I disclose the post on which I will hire you. Are still ready to say yes? Many of you would back out, giving reasons for not working. But here’s a man who had worked for all these years and now living a life, larger than yours 3 day trip to Goa.

We are talking about Former U.S President Mr Barack Obama. Yes, the former U.S President, after working for 8 long years, is holidaying that he surely deserve.

In a video posted by Richard Branson, an English business magnate, investor and philanthropist, with ex-POTUS can be seen doing adventure sport.

The duo’s friendly competition to see if Obama could stay up longer on a kite-board than Branson could on a foil board.

The ex-POTUS won and it quickly became the top trending video on the platform Tuesday morning. But the image from Obama’s life after leading the free world left many feeling a little envious, or like the president was rubbing that gorgeous azure salt water in a fresh wound.

Many people found themselves feeling a little like an ex who comes out on the short end of a break-up. Of course, there are also plenty of well-wishers.

The video is sure to watch, and would give your next holiday goals.

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