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Engineer groom cries during forced marriage in Bihar

Marriage by abduction soars in Bihar
Every year, about 3000 couples in the state are forced into marriage by kidnapping the groom. In 2016, 3075 grooms were kidnapped. In 2015, 3001 and in 2014, 2533 grooms were kidnapped and forced into marriage by the brides’ families at gun point. On an average, there are 9 marriages of such types taking place everyday in Bihar. In fact, kidnapping for marriage has become an acceptable trend in Bihar. Such a marriage is referred as Pakadwa Vivah. In 2017 too the trend continues, the latest being the Pakadwa Vivah of Julie and Abhinay. Till March 2017, more that 800 cases have already been registered with the police, out of which only 8 cases are cases of kidnappings for ransom. The rest are cases of kidnappings for marriage.

Another incident proving the term has come out from Bihar’s capital Patna where a boy was kidnapped and forced to get married. An engineer by profession, this man got kidnapped by bride’s brother while he was on his way to Islamapur to attend his friend’s wedding. The victim had no idea about the marriage until he found himself sitting next to his unknown bride.

According to victim’s brother, it is Surender Yadav bride’s brother who is behind the whole conspiracy. Surender Yadav had met victim’s family a year ago. Surender Yadav was got in touch with victim’s family when he introduced himself as a mutual friend. Surender Yadav conned the victim by assuring him to drop him at his friend’s marriage which later came out to be a forced marriage of his own. The incident took place in Pandarak where the victim got married to Surender Yadav’s sister.

However, the bride’s family members wanted the groom to perform every ritual but the groom was not ready and was constantly asking for help. During the wedding, the groom was physically assaulted and blackmailed. In the video, you can watch the entire incident of the forced marriage that took place in Bihar. In the video, you can see the bride’s family forcing the victim to get married to their daughter. They tortured him to perform every ritual while he was continuously crying and asking for help. The incidents of ‘forced marriages’ are quite common in Bihar.

Story credits: NewsX

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