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Empowering Women: Shewings Hosts Successful Menstrual Health Event in Sitapur

SheWings Sitapur

In a significant step towards promoting menstrual health and hygiene, Shewings, with the support of Radico Khaitan LTD and Braithwaite & Co Ltd organized an enlightening event at RMP Degree College in Sitapur on February 20, 2024. The event aimed to break societal taboos surrounding menstrual health and empower women with knowledge and awareness. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of Chief Guest Kanchan Prabha Pandey, BJP Mahila Morcha District Head, and Special Guest Laxmi Pandey, General Secretary BJP Mahila Morcha. Their presence highlighted the political support for women’s health initiatives in the region.

Shewings Breaks Menstrual Taboos In Sitapur

The program kicked off with insightful speeches by Kanchan Prabha Pandey and Laxmi Pandey. Emphasizing the importance of breaking the silence around menstrual health. They commended Shewings, Radico Khaitan LTD, and Braithwaite & Co Ltd for their collaborative efforts in addressing a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of women’s well-being. Shewings took centre stage with informative technical sessions by Kamna Dwivedi and Nidhi Dwivedi. Also Read: “Vikrant Massey reveals family legacy: His grandfather acted alongside legends Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand, boasting a prolific career spanning over 200 films.”

SheWings Sitapur

They were delving into the intricacies of menstrual health. The team passionately educated over a thousand women and girls present about their bodies. Fostering an environment where questions were welcomed and knowledge was shared without judgment. They both on behalf of the team took a progressive approach, explaining the initiation of periods. They guided attendees on what they should and shouldn’t do during their menstrual cycles. Furthermore they actively encouraged the audience to ask questions. Creating a safe space for open dialogue and dispelling myths associated with menstruation.

The event also saw the gracious presence of Ashwini Kumar, General Manager of Radico Khaitan. In his address, he underscored the company’s commitment to supporting initiatives that contribute to the welfare of the community. His encouraging words resonated with the audience, reinforcing the idea that corporate entities can play a pivotal role in social responsibility. Amidst the educational sessions, the event embraced cultural vibrancy with a delightful cultural program. The interactive sessions, including a GK quiz, added a touch of engagement and fun. They creating a lively atmosphere that encouraged participation from the attendees.

Embracing Menstrual Health Progress

The success of the event was further amplified by the presence of officials from the district administration. Their attendance not only emphasised the significance of the cause. But also showcased the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders in addressing women’s health at a grassroots level. As the day unfolded, women and young girls left the event not only armed with newfound knowledge about menstrual health but also with a sense of empowerment. The collective effort of Shewings, Radico Khaitan LTD, and Braithwaite & Co Ltd. Combined with the support from political figures, community leaders, and local administration. Marked a pivotal moment in breaking the stigma surrounding menstrual health in Sitapur.

In conclusion, this event serves as a beacon of progress. Urging society to rethink its perceptions and embrace menstrual health as a natural and essential aspect of women’s lives. By fostering awareness and understanding, Shewings and its partners have taken a commendable step towards building a healthier and more informed community in Sitapur.

Author- Anshika Sharma

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