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‘Dream girl actress’ stuck in Israel,

Has NUSRAT BHARUCHA been found?


Byline: Anshika Singh

Bollywood actress Nushrat Bharucha recently reached Israel for the screening of her film ‘Akeli’ at Haifa International Film Festival. No one was able to contact him since last afternoon. Due to which everyone was worried. Now big information has come to light about Nusrat.

This morning there was news about Bollywood actress Nusrat Bharucha that she is stuck in Israel. This news, which came amid the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group, had troubled everyone. But now new information has come to light about Nusrat. A statement has been issued by Nusrat Bharucha’s publicist and he has confirmed the news of the actress being safe.

Nusrat’s publicist Sanchita Trivedi says that we finally managed to contact Nusrat and with the help of the embassy she is being brought back home safely. We could not find a direct flight so she is coming home on a connecting flight. For her further safety, more details cannot be shared, but we will inform you as soon as she reaches India. We are feeling relieved and thank God that she is safe and coming to India.

The war is going on between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group. Many people have died there and many people are also injured. In this atmosphere of tension, Nusrat’s close relatives were very worried when they did not get any news. But now everyone has heaved a sigh of relief. The actress is coming to India. Earlier the team’s statement had come out that no communication of any kind had been made with them since yesterday afternoon. When the last incident happened, Nusrat was in a basement somewhere in Israel. Where there was a lot of network problem also. Although even then Nusrat was completely safe


Israel war

The situation in Israel is still very bad. Terrorist organization Hamas has fired 5 thousand rockets at Israel in just 20 minutes. More than 100 people have died in this. There has been news of more than 900 people getting injured. Hamas has continuously targeted Israel. At least 100 Israeli civilians and soldiers have been taken hostage during a terrorist attack by the Hamas group, the Israeli Embassy in the US said in a post on Twitter. More than 300 Israelis have been killed and more than 5,000 rockets have been fired. Civilians and soldiers were kidnapped in the first hour of the terrorist attack. Many graphic visuals have surfaced on social media in which Hamas terrorists are shown forcibly taking away injured Israeli soldiers and civilians in vehicles with their hands tied. In one video, the Hamas group showed a woman’s body being kicked in the back of a truck. In the bloodiest conflict in decades, Hamas fired massive rockets and attacked on land, air and sea on Saturday. Israeli soldiers and civilians are being taken to Gaza . Meanwhile, Palestinian groups have released footage on social media. In which he said that captured Israeli soldiers and civilians were being taken to Gaza. Earlier he was being held hostage by armed people inside Israel.

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