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Doodle By Shah Rukh Khan In 1997 To Be Sold Off. Here’s How Much It Will Cost.

He is a man of many talents, with above par acting skills, on-time humour, and the main thing, the flirting skills. Yes, we are talking about the only King of the country (and probably in the world), the King Khan. His admirers would know about many of the talents, but there are things which his fans wouldn’t know about him.

The hidden talent you ask? His love affair with doodles during his free time. But why’s that King Khan’s this ‘secret’ leisure activity have now attracted all the media lights?

If media reports are that something to go by, then the 20-year-old doodle which was made by Shah Rukh Khan will be sold for Rs 2 Lakhs. He doodles the idea of French capital which Shah Rukh Khan thought while he was en route to Paris in 1997. He doodle consists of Bastille, the Concorde, Voltaire, the French Revolution, the French connection, King Kong climbing the Eiffel Tower, a pair of lips depicting the French kiss. He also gave the doodle a Bollywood tinge by adding the famous track ‘Tu Mera Hero No 1’ and wrote, ‘Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do’ on the paper. Signing off, Shah Rukh Khan wrote, ‘In Paris, do as the Indians do.’

The doodle by SRK is a part of film journalist-critics collection and will be reportedly sold for somewhere between Rs 1.2 lakhs- 2 lakhs.

“The rare sketch is more like a doodle-cum-drawing of Shah Rukh’s visit to Paris. It provides a unique insight into the mind of a cinematic superstar in the making. Though estimated conservatively between Rs 1.2 lakh to R1.80 lakh, it is expected to sell for more,” a source in the know told a leading daily.

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