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Don’t be surprised, if Aadhar Card details become mandatory for shopping or clubbing.

Central Government is making Aadhar Card mandatory for filing the tax return, applying for a Driving license, forNot only this Aadhar card also played a crucial role in procuring Jio sim cards .Now Aadhar cards will soon be required for booking domestic flights.

As per English daily, Central Government has asked Wipro to develop a blueprint for Aadhaar-based biometric access to flyers at all the airports across India. In this regard, Wipro is expected to give a report by early May after which it is expected all that the passengers will need their thumb impression for identification to fly for domestic flights.

This shows the Central government is making all its efforts to grant Aadhar Card as the only identity card of India.
Airports Authority of India (AAI) chairman Guruprasad Mohapatra told English daily “It was felt a joint system be developed that can be replicated by all airports. Wipro has been asked to develop a concept note in this regard after consulting all stakeholders, including the JV airport operators. We are seeing what all airport processes can be made e-enabled,”  He also added “Once they reach the airport they are flying out of, flyers can just keep their thumb on touch pad at the entry point. Once inside, a similar process can be repeated at other places like check-in. We want passengers to have as seamless and effortless travel experience at airports as possible,” Mohapatra said

Till now, use of Aadhaar Card has been extended for the filing of income tax return, opening a bank account, for getting a Passport, accessing to provident fund, for free LPG connection, Even for the mid-day meal scheme.

Aadhar which is a 12-digit uniquely number issued to all Indian residents based on their biometric and demographic.So, dear readers don’t be surprised in future, if Aadhar card details become necessary while  shopping or having lunch/dinner in restaurants.

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