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Dominos gets into serious trouble, facing huge blacklash over insects found in pizza

Blasting news coming out of Domino’s pizza oregano packets as the sachet is having oreganos with insects in it. This incident came out when a Delhi resident posted a video on Facebook which clearly shows there are insects crawling inside the oregano packets.

The customer mentioned “#Beware!! All lovers of Domino’s Pizza. India’s oregano seasoning, like myself. This is what they make you eat.

The video was posted on September 10 and allegedly claimed that he ordered a pizza online on Friday evening but he noticed the insects in it the next morning. He told insects were so tiny that they could easily be mistaken for herbs and when he poked the seasoning with his finger they scattered. He asserted that he found the insects in rest four sachets.

Meanwhile, food giant Domino’s Pizza replied his complaint by saying “We always ensure that our guests are satisfied on all aspects. We maintain strict guidelines and rules set at all our restaurants to maintain the quality of our products and we always make sure such incidents never occur, however, we apologize for the experience that you have had with us. Kindly share with us your contact number and email id via private message so that we can investigate this further”.

The customer further claimed that he received a call from Pizza joint who were offering him to replace his order for which I told them that it’s not a late home delivery complaint, we fell ill on consuming this contaminated food.

Later, the gutted customer revealed that he has filed a complaint with the Consumer Affair Department for this incident and is waiting for a favourable response. He ended by saying “I wonder what would have happened if this happened in the US.” Adding, at last, he says “The chalta hai attitude towards Indian consumers should end.” This incident highlights about the prevailing state of food security in the country that even a multinational food brand does not bother to maintain minimum standards

By: Aviral Nigam

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