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Do you really know, what secularism is ?

There are various hot topics in our country, on basis of that we are divided as National and Anti-National.

Being Secularist is one of those,  as Indian constitution does not support any religion and persons belonging to all religions get equal opportunity in performing their religious right.In 1947 India was divided on the basis of two nation theories. Secularism in India is a positive, revolutionary and comprehensive concept which takes within its sweep all the communities in India following several religions. It is not negative in nature, it is not anti-God.Though, it’s is a part of democracy, which grants equal rights as well as it protects the equal rights of minorities to citizens.

The reasons why the concept of secularism as had been perceived and as practised is being questioned very seriously for the first time since the Constitution of India was framed.

As the Sikhs were always regarded as part of the Hindu society and were in fact called the militant wing of Hinduism till the other day. And they did not want a separate electorate under the British Rule. The Hindu law was specifically made applicable to them and their society was based on caste as much as the parent Hindu society. After independence, this community began to assert itself not only as a separate minority after the Constitution came into being but also began claiming autonomy as a linguistic-cum-religious unit. And finally a section of this community has taken to violence against the Indian nation to achieve Khalistan.

The another reason is the Kashmir problem. In a matter of a couple of months the entire Hindu population of the Kashmir valley was driven out by the frenzy of communal Muslims. The Hindus constituted a minuscular minority in the valley.

The last reason is the Assam situation. The students, the locals, began to agitate against the decimation of their culture. They told this nation: “Please see, we are in a corner of our country; we are at the threshold of people who could be your enemy; we are out-numbered by people from an unfriendly neighbor, please look at us”.

To understand the term “Secularism” better Hind Bhartiyam Foundation in association with Alliance University is conducting a National Level Debate Competition on May 13th, 2017at Central Campus, Alliance University, Chandapura Anekal Main Road, Bengaluru – 562106. The topic for the Debate is ‘Secularism in India is a Decoy!’ The event is scheduled from 10:00 AM – 03:00 PM.

The program will be graced by Mr Salman Khurshid, Former External Affair Minister of India and The Judges for the Debate are Mr Ian Faria, Dr Ushy Mohan Das and Mr Ripple Hamza. Moreover, the Debate will be conducting in the presidency of Mr Mohd. Shamim Akhtar (President, HBF) and Dr Madhukar G Angur (Chancellor, Alliance University).


In the competition there will be 08 Debaters in total, 04 for the motion and 04 against the motion, who will get selected from an exclusive screening process and they will be coming from different universities of India.

In India, If citizens want to worship their God, then secularism recognizes the need and right for such prayer and worship.

Secularism is important for India because it regulates the relation between the State and various religious groups on the principle of equality that the State shall not discriminate against any religion.

Indian society has been tolerant of each other’s beliefs and ideals and it is not an exaggeration to say secularism is a product of our Civilization, even the Indus Valley Civilization was secular in some sense.

India has been for centuries a country where several religions coexisted, there are Buddhists and Jains from the Ancient times.Islam came to India first to Western coast due to Arab traders and a significant number of Muslims settled post the Islamic rule which started around 1100 AD, The advent of Zoroastrians around 8th to 10th century from Persia, The later advent of Jews and Christians in the later medieval era.

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