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No Fear No Favour

Did you know you need to follow a few simple steps for that bridal glow?

By Nitisha Nagpal

So, in 2020 are you really having a wedding if your bridal looks and outfits are not all over the internet? Yes, we are talking about everything from glowing skin to a sculpted body to a perfect outfit and maybe a grand entrance? But for all that to happen, you need that makeover Cinderella. Here are some handful of tips to follow and spoiler alert they are no less than cakewalk.

So first things first skin prep is a must because no amount of makeup can make you look flawless if your skin is not at its best state. Knowing the texture of the skin is important and maybe visit your dermatologist for expert opinion. Most of the dermatologists suggest to stick with products that are gentle on skin and are made of less chemicals. Initial steps also include taking care of your entire body rather than just keeping your focus on the face. Hydration is a must; grab that bottle of detox water and a good moisturizer along with regular manicures and exfoliations.

After that the popular phrase ‘Beauty Sleep’ is polular for a reason. So rock those pajamas and get yourself a proper 8 hour sleep for that internal glow. Workout is a great opportunity to lose those extra kilos and de-stress. Adding green tea to your daily diet is a suggection everyone swears to. Keeping a little watch over the diet is essential but if you feel like eating that besan ka ladoo, goes for it, it’s finally your wedding. Remember those times when our dadis and nanis used to apply curd on our hair and body well it’s time again to go down the memory lane and give those ‘desi nuskas’ a try. Also you can google tons of homemade masks to de-tan or to get that glow!

And we are not yet done, girls hair care comes along. Whether it a at home spa day or getting a spa treatment done you need to focus on your hair. You can never go wrong with a hot champi at home, even the celeb brides stick to it! These are some common tips yet not every bride follows religiously but if given a chance they can achieve that glow from within and have their dream skin on their big day.

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