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“Did you call jaadu again”, Twitter ask Hrithik Roshan. Here’s what he said

Hrithik Roshan gave an epic reply to a Twitter user who asked him if he had mistakenly called the aliens to earth once again. The tweet was in reference to the loud boom that was heard in several parts of Bengaluru today.

That loud sound left the residents speculating about what it was. While many thought it was an explosion, others wondered if it was an earthquake. But the officials confirmed that neither was the case. Then what exactly was it? Well, it might have been because of the routine test flying conducted by Aircraft & Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE), but it is still not confirmed.

Soon after the “unknown noise” baffled the Bengaluru residents, the internet was brimmed with hilarious memes about the incident. And a section of the Twitterati wondered if aliens caused that loud sound.

One such user posted a tweet and wrote, “Hey Hrithik, is that you who called aliens by mistake again?” The Twitter user referred to the film Koi… Mil Gaya which featured an alien character called Jaadu.

The tweet caught Hrithik’s attention and he replied saying that it was not a mistake. “Wasn’t a mistake. It’s time,” he wrote.

“What do you mean with this?” asked a few confused netizens, while many others rejoiced at the idea of having Jaadu on the earth.

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