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Desperate Trump Wanted Me To Cheat My Boyfriend: Salma Hayek

Hollywood celebrities are quite open about their personal and professional life. At times they are not shy to disclose some of the up close stories from their lives. Recently, a surprising revelation was made by Mexican Actress Salma Hayek during her interview on a popular show The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

During the interview, Salma revealed how Donald Trump tried to make a pass at her during an event. She said, “I was at an event with my boyfriend… He (Trump) put his jacket on my shoulders as I was rubbing my shoulders because it was cold. (he was) so charming, so nice, super nice. He said I’m sorry your girlfriend – I saw she was cold… He kept talking to my boyfriend, and then he befriended my boyfriend, invited him to dinner and then he was like, ‘If you guys are in New York, you can come to Atlantic City, you can stay in my hotel. Give me your numbers’.”

Hayek further said that Trump did not call her boyfriend again, but called her instead. She added, “He’s inviting me out, and I’m like, ‘What about my boyfriend? Am I crazy? Are you asking me out? You know I have a boyfriend’.” While asked Trump’s response on her boyfriend, the Salma said, “He’s not good enough for you. He’s not important; he’s not big enough for you. You have to go out with me.”

The American president is known for his casual behaviour with females. Earlier, Another incident happened with British actor Emma Thompson and she revealed about Doland Trump’s call to a popular magazine. She said, “So the phone rings in my trailer, which it has never done before. I look at it and it’s, like, weird. It’s like a moose has just entered my trailer. I lift up the phone. ‘Hi, it’s Donald Trump here.’ I said, ‘Really? Can I help you?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, I just you know, I wondered if I could offer you some accommodation in one of my Trump Towers. They’re really comfortable.'” “Well, you know, I think we would get on very well Maybe we could have dinner sometime.”

This flirty conversation with beautiful celebrities shows how Donald Trump use his power to get in touch with beautiful models and actress.

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