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Denied To Wear Shorts In The School, Boys Went On To Wears Skirts

Have you ever joked with your friends about something but have been surprised when that happened? This teacher also didn’t expect that when she joked with her male students that if they feel the brunt of the heat, they should wear skirts!

Yes, you heard it right! Teenage boys from a school in England’s Exeter City adopted a unique way to protest as they arrived at school wearing skirts instead of trousers. More than 30 students at Isca Academy donned skirts to protest against wearing trousers despite the increase in temperature.

In their defence, they did want to wear shorts. They even sought permission to do so but were denied. It was mandatory for them to wear trousers. But the heat was too much for them. As the temperature increased, the male students of the academy asked their teacher if they can wear shorts instead of trousers. But their request was outright rejected. When the boys spoke out against girls and why were they allowed to go bare legs, the teacher joked and said that the boys can also proceed to wear skirts.

Some of the students had rented the skirts, while others had obtained the skirt from their girlfriends and sisters!

But everything has a starting point. This started when a teenage boy Ryan decided to go all “Bare Legs” and wear a short skirt. So he borrowed one and wore it on 21 June along with 5 of his friends. The others soon followed suit and the numbers soon increased of boys wearing skirts.

When asked about the experience of wearing the skirt as per the Telegraph, a boy remarked that it was “quite refreshing.” Another said that “He rather enjoyed the ‘nice breeze’ his skirt had afforded him.”

While we girls are shy to wear skirts in public if our legs are not shaved properly, the boys had no qualms to do so. But some boys visited a shop on their way to Isca to pick up razors!!

Well, we wish these boys all the best and may the “Nice Breeze” be with them always!

By: Anamika Bhaumik

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