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Delhi’s AIIMS Doctors Jumps In To Support For Maharashtra Medics. Demands More Safety.

In a surprising incident, the resident doctors in Mumbai are working wearing the helmet at work.  


Extending support to the resident doctors of Mumbai, various doctors in Delhi are working wearing a helmet at work. Doctors are wearing a helmet as a safety measure to the outburst after the parents outburst their anger on the hospital staff. In the safety measure taken up by the doctors, this has turned out to be the support measure by the doctors across the country, starting with the doctors at AIIMS.



Over 4,000 resident doctors across Maharashtra have gone on strike, agitating against dangerous working conditions. The protest was sparked by an incident which happened earlier when the relatives of a deceased patient beat up a resident doctor at Mumbai’s Sion Hospital.


The Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association (FORDA) has also extended its support to the doctors in Maharashtra. The association, which is an umbrella body of all the residents’ doctors in Delhi, has decided on mass leave if any action is taken against the doctors. Many private hospitals will also be joining the movement if the situation is not brought under control. Any action taken against the resident doctor will result in the revolt across the country. Under the Maharashtra law for doctor and prevention of violence or loss to property, there have been 45 cases filed under since 2010. But, no case has reached the final verdict yet so far.


They say it with helmets. Around 1,200 junior doctors turned up at work at the National Capital’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Wednesday wearing driving helmets.   Helmets are their expression of solidarity with striking counterparts in Maharashtra and a part of #SavetheSaviours campaign, demanding a safe working environment for all government doctors.


Junior doctors in Maharashtra have stayed away from work for four days now, protesting the rise in violence against them by patients’ relatives. The Maharashtra government has asked them to get back to work by Wednesday evening or risk losing six months’ salary. Several resident doctors associations from all over the country have come out in support of Maharashtra doctors. The Bombay high court came down heavily on 45,000 resident doctors who went on a mass casual leave after patients’ relatives beat up doctors in Dhule, Mumbai (Sion Hospital) and Nashik. 

If doctors couldn’t perform their duty, they should quit, the court said on Tuesday, giving the government a free hand to act against them.


The main demands of doctors are that the state should have increased protection and limit the number of attendants per patient at the hospitals 

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